Race to eddies

Race to Eddies In high-school I used to play in bands and every year we got to perform in front of the whole school (2500 kids) along with some friends bands. All the other bands played covers but my bands always did originals; I like to think it was cause we were cooler but I think the real reason was we sucked too much to learn other people’s music.

They hated us too!

I hated most of the people in my high-school as well as the majority of teachers so having the chance to play loud guitar and scream into a mic was very cathartic. This particular year’s performance was going to be good cause we had nice gear (thanks to the savvy criminal mind of Kurt). Kurt and I had Marshall Stacks and Paul had a huge old 70’s bass stack, this meant we were going to be super fucking loud. Both of the other bands had to boost their sound with the schools temporary sound system (the main one had mysteriously gone missing several weeks before), since they were both playing the same tool cover it didn’t matter too much.

Kurt’s big idea

About 45 min before the show Kurt decided we should drop 3 hits of LSD. Sounded like a great idea at the time so we both did it. Paul and our drummer Allen thought we were totally nuts, but by the time we told them it was too late. The plan was to play one original song then segue into a cover of mission impossible so we could play two songs (which we were not allowed to do)

Big crowd (at least that’s what I was told)

As we walked on stage Kurt and I were very tweaked out. When I used to get high I would get this shivering feeling and clam up if I had to be in front of a lot of people so I was pretty freaked out. Kurt’s reaction was to become totally silent and non-responsive so I was hoping he would remember how to play the song. All I remember visually is that the mic (which was gold colored) looked massive and the crowd was just a blur very far in the distance. Afterwards our friends said it was good and everyone else hated it cause it was way too loud…. a job well done. The best part was the Audio/Video nerds couldn’t turn us down cause we had our own gear.

A small wrinkle

For the second song we had the drums and keyboards on a tape that was plugged into the school system, and Allen came up front to yell “mission impossible” into the mic during the chorus. When we were practicing we boosted the volume of the track with a power-amp that used to be part of the schools sound system (another story). Kurt and I both thought bringing the amp back to the scene of the crime might be a bad idea so we left it at home. This meant that the backing music was way too quiet and we couldn’t even hear it on stage.

Kurt makes a break, Allen get left behind to shame

About 30 seconds in Kurt freaks out, drops his guitar and walks off stage. Right after I did the same thing as did Paul which left Allen all alone on stage yelling “mission impossible” for about a min before he realized we had all left him up there.

Hatching a plan over the greatest cigarette ever!

Kurt walked right off stage, down the corridor and out the door to the parking lot. By the time I got there he was half way through a smoke. Having a smoke after performing was awesome but being that high made us feel like the dudes from Reservoir Dogs, super fucking cool. One thing about Kurt and I when we took LSD was we became even more selfish than usual and very impulsive + we tended to be total assholes. Kurt decided he was hungry so we should go to Fast Eddies for burgers. He pulled out two pairs of throwaway 3d glasses and says we should race. So we hopped in our cars and raced each other about 5km through city streets over to the fast eddies. Kurt always won our races as he was a fucking crazy driver and this was no exception. The funny thing is I don’t remember finding it very hard to drive with the 3d glasses on, I mean it was pretty damn dangerous now that I think about it.

Back at the school

So poor Paul and Allen were left to explain why we had just left to the teachers, and they had to turn off our gear as we left the guitars at full volume feeding back when we walked off stage. Allen was super pissed!! After eating Kurt and I came back to help pack up and then we figured we should take the rest of the day off so we left and went home.

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