The Wallet

The Wallet Rat Face used to come out to Eddie’s basement once in a while but it was always tense. Tyler and Eddie didn’t really like him but he came in handy for doing the risky work on a crime since they had no compunction in leaving him behind if things went south.

One night as Rat Face came into the basement his wallet fell out of his back pocket and fell on the ground beside the couch. I was about to tell him when I saw Eddie’s long leg reach out and cover the wallet with his foot, then gradually pull the wallet back to where he was sitting. After Rat Face left to go home Tyler and Eddie took a look through the wallet which unsurprisingly didn’t contain much. He did have a video membership card to the rental place near the post office so Eddie headed over there to see what they had. About an hour later Eddie arrived back with 6 Super Nintendo games which he had no intention of returning.

About two weeks later Rat Face came by (Eddie smartly kept the offending games hidden) and was complaining about the video store.

Rat Face: “That fucker tried to tell me that I rented 6 fucking games and that I owed him 20 dollars in late fees or 200 for the games”
Eddie: “Really… are you sure you didn’t rent them?”
Rat Face: “Yeah I am fucking sure, fuck that I am never going back there”
Tyler: “That’s too bad…it’s the only video store near your place..”

About a month later after the store manager threatened to call the cops Rat Face ended up having to pay the 200.00 for the games. He also broke the store window several times to try and equal the value he lost which did make him feel better.

Turns out that Eddie didn’t really like the games he took so after Rat Face paid the video store he just threw them away.

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