Petty-Pro Pattern #2: The Map

The Map In his travels around the school Eddie had come across a laminated poster sized floor plan for our high school. He put it up on his bedroom wall and Tyler went to work documenting key notes such as:

  • Which rooms they had already hit and had nothing of value
  • Which rooms had things they wanted
  • Which sets of mid-hallway doors were locked after hours
  • Which door the janitor came in at after the alarm went off

During school hours Tyler and Eddie would roam between rooms looking in cabinets, rooms and desks identifying targets that could be placed on the map.

  • Digital scales
  • A teachers watch hidden in his desk
  • Camcorders, TV’s and VCR’s
  • Computers
  • Musical Equipment

Then on the night of a crime they would mark up their planned route to make sure the locked mid-hallway doors didn’t interfere and they maximized their 15 min in the building. Once they returned to the basement the items would be erased from the board as well as the route.

Often friends that came over to hang out would add items of value to the map based on the classes and rooms they were in. The map was like a community project, we all looked forward to making a contribution or adding an item we wanted.

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